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Books for this course

         This course has some reference texts including textbook, supplementary handouts, and recommended books for those who would like to learn more about things you've learned in the class as follows:


Davis, F. & Rimmer, W. (2011) Active Grammar Level 2. Dubai. Cambridge University Press. 

Supplementary Handouts
          The supplementary handouts in this course concern basic language functions, presentation, and reading for main idea. You can download all of them and the PowerPoint from this site by visiting other pages. 

Recommended Books
          Because there is an emphasis of grammar and writing in this course, so I would like to recommend some good books that can be used for improve your English and learn more about the lessons. All suggested books are in the university library, and you can borrow them yourselves.

Grammar Books

Hogan, G.B. (2013). Building Better Grammar. USA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. 

Coe, N. Oxford Living Grammar Elementary Level. Oxford University Press.

Writing Book

Zemach, D. (2011). Writing Sentences.Thailand: Macmillian.

         This book is suitable for those who would like to practice writing many types of sentence. This book is also suggested in EN 012: English for Daily Life course.
EN 011 / EN 111 Syllabus

Course Description

          Students learn English through a variety of activities. This course provides learners with practice in reading for main ideas, summarizing, free writing, vocabulary, and basic grammar. Learners will also practice listening and speaking skills through computerized language activities in a self-study language laboratory.

Course Objectives

The objectives of this course are to:

1.      enhance students’ grammar, vocabulary, 

         speaking, listening, and writing skills;

2.      develop students’ creative thinking ability;

3.      promote collaborative learning in a classroom 


4.      To encourage students’ punctuality;

5.      practice students’ public speaking skills


Score Allocation

1. Free Writing                                            20          points
2. Situational Conversation: Role Play    20          points
3. Class Attendance                                     10         points
4. Pictorial                                                     10         points
5. Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes      20          points
6.  Creative Language Learning Game     10         points
7.  Lab (Tell Me More)                                10         points
    Total                                                      100        points


Course Requirement

1. Free Writing (20%)    

      The 30-minute free writing activity aims at giving student a practice on transferring ideas into writing. Therefore, the students are encouraged to write their ideas freely on any topic without worries about grammar or mechanics. 

In this course, students will write 4 free writing pieces. The length of each piece are at least 50, 75, and 100 words respectively. Points are earned for each writing piece, each worth 5%.

2. Situational Conversation: Role Play  (15%)

              This activity aims to get students practice speaking English in daily life situation. The scores will come from 2 activities: 

Speaking Practice (8 points)
    After learning the vocabulary and expressions in class, the students need to practice using them in the form of small role-play. Throughout the course, there will be 4 small role-plays, each is worth 2 points. 

Big role-play (12 points)
     In pairs or in groups of 3 - 4, students need to use the vocabulary and expressions for greeting and introducing yourself and others, thanking and apologizing, asking and giving direction to create a situation and script. Then perform a role-play in front of the class. The role-play will be done at the end of the semester (Week 6/2)

3. Class Attendance   (10%)

The purpose of this activity is to practice public speaking. This assignment requires that each student brings a picture of their interest to class and gives a talk about it for 3-5 minutes. 

4. Pictorial    (10%)

           The purpose of this activity is to practice public speaking. This assignment requires that each student brings an interesting picture to class and gives a talk about it for 3-5 minutes. 

5. Grammar and Vocabulary Quizzes   (20%)

Students are to complete two in-class quizzes on week 7 and week 14. Each of them is worth 10% and focuses on grammar and vocabulary in the vocabulary list.  The scopes and details of the mid-term and final quizzes are as follows:

Mid-term Quiz (10 points)

      In the mid-term quiz, students have to write sentences using grammar and vocabulary provided in the length of 8 -10 words.

Grammar: Present Simple Tense and Present Continuous Tense

Vocabulary: 15 words will be selected from the first 50 words in the vocabulary list and students choose 10 from the 15 words to write.

Final Quiz (10 points)

        In the final quiz, students have to write a story using grammar and vocabulary provided in the length of at least 50 words.

Grammar: Past Simple Tense, Past Continuous Tense and Future Tenses

Vocabulary: 15 words will be selected from the other 50 words from the vocabulary list and students choose 10 from the 15 words to write.

6. Creative Language Learning Game  (10%)
        This active learning activity provides students with an opportunity to practice all English skills. In groups of 5, the students create a fun language game in the class. The game must be related to grammar, vocabulary, or 4 language skills 

7. Self-study Language laboratory   (10%)

          This assignment requires that each student complete the listening and speaking tasks of the Tell Me More program at the language laboratory according to their timetable.